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Our Brand

Healthy foods have been enjoyed by the Gods, but today we are offering it to You with all the perfection and pleasure, under the brand of AMBROSIUM. The name was selected from ancient Greek language meaning »immortality«. We are looking forward to create a community of satisfied and demanding consumers. That will allow our brand AMBROSIUM to become our recognizable and status symbol merging us into the "divine" community, with a common craving for immortality and eternal youth.


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Our Story

Gods from the ancient Greece knew that enjoying quality, healthy and delicious food could bring them immortality and eternal youth. Since then, food has remained at the very heart of humanity's development debate, since its origin, traceability, way of production and quality are only some of the more important facts that the consumer wants to be convinced of.

It is for that reason that we are presenting the AMBROSIUM products which are of a strictly controlled origin, as well as our producers meet the challenging environmental criteria and thus contribute to a local sustainable economy based on environmental, social and economically responsible criteria.


Consumption of AMBROSIUM products means to support production in the source, as the value returns to the local economy, where it improves the quality of life. Together, we are creating the new trend of responsible and quality food, and so we are building up a community of immortals, who wants action in helping the preserving of our Planet.


Our Producers

Our producers belong to their local environments. Therefore, AMBROSIUM products show elements of local natural and cultural heritage, have a typical local geographical identity and are therefore compatible with the local environmental factors. It is a sophisticated choice about such food that offers a unique experience and the best possible in a given environment! We encourage growers to produce the best, new and exciting food, to be innovative and independent of large shopping systems and to dedicate themselves to the art of food production as much as possible.


Finally, the AMBROSIUM products are the result of a sustainable attitude towards the environment, experience and partly of magic between the nature and human, the farmer itself.


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